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What You Will Learn -

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Defined &

FAQ's Answered

At CHTS you will learn how to help Clients discover the underlying negative predominant thought beliefs that are holding them back, that are fixated in the Subconscious Mind.

CHTS teaches you how to assist your Clients to continually 'Feel Better & Better' with each passing Session & achieve their dreams & goals! Clients only keep coming back for more sessions as they continue to incrementally improve each time. You will have the training & skills to get that done for EVERY CLIENT, EVERY TIME!

WATCH Dennis, (who is also a member of ABC4 & CW30's Talk 365 TV Wellness Team of Experts), answer all the most FAQ's & give you a good OVERVIEW of EVERYTHING YOU WILL LEARN from the training courses offered at CHTS, in this Full, Uninterrupted Extended TV Interview & Video Podcast Segment called: PMMCC Hypnotherapy Defined 


Hypnosis &

Self-Hypnosis Trainings

During this Course you will be taught the Five Levels of Observable States of Hypnosis, Trance, or Pondering. We each go through these states as we go down to sleep, & we come back up through them as we wake up. That is why it is called going down to sleep, & why it is described as waking back up. You will come to know each of these Trance Levels & how to have your Clients maintain each of them strategically during sessions for their own best therapeutic advantage.

A Hypnotherapist in our definition is one who knows these Trance Levels or States of Hypnosis, knows how to have a Client maintain that level of mind, knows which Therapies are best done at each level, & knows how to do each of the Therapies that are best performed at each state of mind or Trance Level.

Many schools of Hypnotherapy will teach you that Trance Depth doesn’t matter. We will show you that it absolutely matters & teach you how to use each Hypnosis or Trance Level for Maximum Effectiveness by knowing how to pair it with the right Therapy Processes.

A Note From Taylor...

Hello! I am truly honored & thrilled that you're Interested in learning more about me & the Advanced Mental & Emotional Skills & Tools of Positive Mind Management Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy which I specialize in. I have personally benefited greatly from this as well as helped many of people change their lives & improve their families by teaching them how to apply these Powerful Techniques. 


Taylor Kennington
Registered with ACHE,  PMMCC Hypnotherapy & The PMMCC Hypnotherapists Guild
Taylor Kennington is a noted Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist registered with the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE), Positive Mind Management Certified Clinical (PMMCC) Hypnotherapy & the Positive Mind Management Certified Clinical  (PMMCC) Hypnotherapists Guild.  

Taylor is trained in Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis, Suggestion Hypnotherapy & Positive Mind Management Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy & the Protocols of Adversarial Resistance - these Advanced Mental & Emotional Protocols, Skills, Tools & Techniques are taught exclusively at the Certified Hypnotherapy Training School by Developer, Owner, CEO, Instructor & School Operator W. Dennis Parker.  For Taylor's Full Bio Click Here.  

2021 Live Course

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You can start with your TEXTBOOK STUDY & the ONLINE PORTION of the training ANYTIME & then finish with the LIVE CLASSROOM TRAINING'S at your own pace.  We will help make any Scheduling Conflict WORK! 

The QUICKER you get started, the QUICKER you'll be on your way to accomplishing all your PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL 

Hopes, Dreams, Goals & Aspirations!

2020 Fall Course Starts - 

Monday September 14th

2021 Winter Course Starts - 

(Tbd January 2021)

2021 Spring Course Starts - 

(Tbd April 2021)

2021 Summer Intensive Course Starts - 

(Tbd July 2021)

2021 Fall Course Starts - 

(Tbd September 2021)

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If you are serious about being competent at assisting your clients achieve life changing results with Clinical Hypnotherapy then CHTS training's in Positive Mind Management Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy Protocols are the RIGHT CHOICE FOR YOU!

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Hypnotherapy Trainings

This course will teach you what the Critical Factor Filter By-Pass is, how it works, why it is SO IMPORTANT & how to accomplish it.

Then we teach you the Skills & Tools of:

  • 🎯 Self-Talk
  • 🎯 Affirmations
  • 🎯 Auto Suggestions
  • 🎯 Metaphors
  • 🎯 Stories
  • 🎯 Scripts
  • 🎯 Guided Imagery & MORE!...

This is what most Schools of Hypnotherapy teach as the Main Method of Hypnotherapy, & some even call it Clinical Hypnotherapy & never teach anything beyond it.

These processes involve the Induction of Trance & then incorporate Affirmations, Auto-Suggestions, Metaphors, Stories, Scripts, & Guided Imagery to affect changes in the Predominant Thought that are producing the unwanted behaviors. While the